One of the most favourite activities around the world right now is zorbing! This little activity is entertaining, amusing, fun, diverting and comical. It is not complicated at all and the chances of injuries are very low. Zorbing is not expensive and can be done easily without having to spend much of the cash.

Zorbing basically includes falling down a hill in an orb. The orb is commonly made up of a plastic and transparent material.The plastic is lightweight as well as flexible so, it is quite comfortable. However, the orb is very strong and does not get damaged easily. Orbs have gained a lot of name. They are now available in parks etc and are now considered a good time pass game or sport.


People think zorbing is not exciting but it gives the same adrenaline rush as skydiving and other sports or activities. However, it is very beneficial and is used by athletes as well. When you use your body to rotate the ball, it upgrades the one’s ability of balancing. It is said that if you zorb for fifteen minutes, it is equal to jogging for thirty minutes! However, this sport is irresistible fun for all age groups.

Also, zorbing includes body movement, this also refreshes the limbs of one.


There is no such equipment needed for zorbing except for an orb. If you have an orb, then zorbing can be done easily. However, these orbs are quite comfortable and they do not suffocate you or in any other way harm you.