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Should a Person Wear contact Lenses in Water?

People that wear contact lenses praise them for being very convenient and unobtrusive. By simply popping the contact lenses in the eyes, one can enjoy their day with all the benefits, ease and convenience they need.

However, although contacts lenses can have a huge difference to a person’s life, there is one place one should not wear them. While swimming it is recommended not to wear your contact lenses although it is important to protect your eyes while swimming.

This done not mean that people who love swimming and wear contact lenses have to stop enjoying this sport altogether. There are some specially designed goggles that are available for visually impaired people to be worn while swimming instead of contacts lenses.

People who wear contact lenses and are often tempted to get into the water with them will find this article very helpful. We shall deeply look at the issue of how water affects contact lenses and the wearer.
The contact of water and the lenses.

One aspect that many people are not aware of is that contact lenses should not be put in water. It does not matter the kind of water you are in whether, swimming in the pool, in the ocean or in the shower. We shall discuss below some of the detrimental effects water has on contact lenses.

Water regardless of where it is found can never be 100% germ free and it also offers a very good environment for bacteria and microbes. We are constantly exposed to these microbes in the water but our bodies has its own way of dealing with them

Very serious eye infection can be caused by one of the most dangerous germs in water called Acanthamoeba This nasty infection need to be treated so as to avoid blindness, permanent eye damage and also cornea inflammation.

Contact lenses are good for vision support bur when worn in water they usually absorb whatever is around them including germs and microbes. The water is usually pushed in the space between the eye and the contact lenses thus offering a good environment for the acanthamoeba to spread its infection.

The solution therefore is to wear these specially designed goggles while swimming. Their merits are that they vary in shape, size and style and one can adjust them for comfort, One is able to see clearly +in the water by adjusting the lens dioptre as needed though the advanced technology. The harsh elements and germs in the water cannot get in to your eye because of these goggles.

By purchasing a pair of goggles to use when swimming, one can swim safely and happily with a peace of mind.