A new silent revolution is taking place on the Internet. In reality, it is being televised, and the number of broadcasters and spectators grows, so fast that it generates enthusiasm and concern alike. With a cell phone and a respectable Internet connection – if it’s 4G, better – thousands of users turn to live video streaming through social apps like Periscope, Meerkat or Upclose.

The market for streaming web video is boiling. It started generated by the possibility of immediate spreading events of their own among friends and acquaintances, but it is already affecting other interests. It’s that these apps let you see what happens at a rally in Paris or follow in the footsteps of friends who tour Istanbul on a pleasure trip. But recitals, plays or sports can also be transmitted in an unofficial manner. And the payment of the rights? This can be a Gordian knot difficult to untie. And while this would be a negative aspect, for better or for worse, the new tool came to stay.

When the weekend arrived, many things can be done at spending time weekend, such as watching a movie. However, for those of you who do not have the money to watch movies in the movies, you can take advantage of alternatives such as watching movies through sites that already provide cinema movies in the form of streaming in 1movies.

Currently, in addition to rife scattered film download sites / movies, as well as many sites watch movies online on the internet. With the easier people getting the latest movies on the internet, the more exciting also hunt for the latest movies via streaming movie sites online. Especially now many sites watch movies online that is equipped with subtitle and can be directly watched online without the need to download it.

There are several film genres that you can choose on live streaming sites online. Such as drama genres, comedy, musical, or sports. For example there is a sports genre of film: PELE Birth of a Legend (2016). This film tells the story of the struggle of a “Pele”, since he was born until it reaches the position as it is today, you can watch it in here: watch sports movies online. This film can also be included in the biographical type.