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Suitable Food for Dogs. There are numerous dog owners who are always willing to share their delicacy with other people. Dogs are not suited by some of the foods that humans take. The digestive system of dogs is not similar to that of human beings. Health problems are likely to arise when a dog is fed with the wrong food. Although most human foods might not be suitable for dogs, there are those which are beneficial to the health of the dog including enhancing its joint strength and improving its breathing. Dogs experience numerous challenges when seeking to digest almonds which are also known for blocking the windpipe of the dog. According to studies, heart disease is likely to arise when dogs are fed with salted almonds on a regular basis. Dogs can eat small amount of bread without spices but will not have any healthy benefits. It is not advisable to feed a dog with a lot of cashews. Cashews have been shown to cause obesity in dogs due to the calcium and protein they have. Feeding your dog with small amounts of cheese might be advisable. Care is always needed since cheese has been shown to have a lot of fats. Cheese should not be given to dogs which are lactose intolerant. Dogs should not be fed chocolate. The metabolic process in dogs will be compromised due to the harmful substances that it contains. Just a small bit of chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhea. In big amount can cause irregular heart function, seizures and death.
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Despite the fact that cinnamon might not be harmful to a dog, it’s not ideal to feed it with it. The oils that cinnamon has have been shown to make it irritated. Cinnamon lowers dog’s blood sugars and can cause vomiting, increased heart rate or liver disease. It is not a good idea to feed a dog with cinnamon powder since it can easily induce coughing and chocking.
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Coconut has been shown to be very helpful for dogs. The immunity system of dogs is likely to get a boost from the lauric acid that it contains. The best way to help dogs eliminate flea allergies, heal numerous skin conditions and prevent bad breathe is by feeding them with coconut which has been shown to be very nutritious for the dog. Coconut oils and milks can be given too. the shell of coconut has fully that cause furry so the dog owner needs to be careful. Most of dogs’ meals contain corn as the main ingredients. Dog find it hard to digest cob and cause intestinal blockage. Dogs should be fed only with eggs which are fully cooked. Eggs that are cooked are good source of proteins.