To be able to shrink the size of the thigh and calf of course you have to burn the fat in these areas. And one of the most effective ways is through exercise. There are some sports movement that is focused to shrink large thighs and calves. Fat and calories that accumulate on the two parts should you burn little by little in order to get the shape thighs and calves were wonderful. Then the sports movement shrink thighs like what to do? Sports that you have to do is exercise movements can make your thighs and calves contract so that it can make the fat and cholesterol in the section on fire more effectively.


Sports jogging or jogging is if done regularly every day can help speed up the process of burning fat and calories in the thighs and calves. Casual and sport can you do in your spare time for a few minutes. And when you run, thighs and calves are always working simultaneously. That makes the amount of fat you burn when you jog quite a lot.

    Sit Up

Sports shrink the other thigh is sit up, moderate exercise is easy to do and can be done anytime. You only need a few minutes to do sit ups in your spare time especially in the morning or in the afternoon. Every day try to increase the number of sit-ups you do. Movement you perform sit ups currently considered to be one of the sports movement shrink thighs and calves are quite effective. Because the abdomen, thighs and calves will be worked repeatedly as long as you sit up.


For those of you who do regular exercise will usually get a more ideal body shape. Because a bicycle pedaling motion is considered very effective for burning fat and calories in the thighs, calves and buttocks. Such a movement will occur repeatedly and continuously for a few minutes you are cycling. Therefore, the results you get even is maximal.

    Jump Rope

Next, you can do a sports shrink the thigh with a jump rope or skipping. The sport is also not hard to do and can be done by anyone. However, each person may have different resistance and the number of jumps was certainly different. Therefore do not let you force yourself to do skipping continuously. Jumping movement when skipping can accelerate the process of burning fat and calories that accumulate in the calf and thigh.