Have you fallen into an exercise rut? If you’re intimidated by fancy gyms or refuse to spent huge sums on exercise equipment, a fun walking regime could be just the ticket to jump start a healthy lifestyle. Follow these recommendations from the fitness professionals and you’ll soon be walking your way to a fit and healthy new you. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a Garmin fitness tracker. There are so many advantages to walking and working out with fitness trackers. Not only does it keep track of steps, distance and time, but it can also serve as a measuring tool for meeting your fitness goals.

Commit to walking just thirty minutes each day. Bring your buddy, your earbuds or your dog.  Keep a positive mindset and know this is your time. Don’t be concerned with speed or distance the first two weeks. The objective is to simply establish a walking habit. Once you have the habit, your body will begin to crave the benefits. You’ll soon find that you have more energy and stamina, your muscles will be stronger and those light bouts of depression and melancholy will soon dissipate. Being outside does wonders for the psyche.

Beginning with the third week, increase your speed and select a course that has several hills.  Thirty minutes is sufficient time at this stage to increase your distance by increasing your speed. Walk at a brisk pace that would still allow you to converse. You’ll begin to feel the development of your muscles as well as increased cardio ability.  By increasing your speed, you’ll also begin to increase your resting metabolism. Begin cutting excess sugar and processed food from your diet. This will stabilize your energy level and help in losing excess pounds. Good luck to you on your new healthy life style journey!