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Intrigues as EPL Comes to the End

Definitely, the end of EPL will be interesting. Events do not let become just any other season. The case is different and not what happened last season when Leicester City defied the odds to clinch the title. Their performance in the Champions league were awesome; reaching the quarterfinals. Comparing with what other regulars did such as Arsenal and Manchester City failed to do, their performance was wonderful. Representing the blue side of London, Chelsea has been on top of the table since October last year. The strength of the runners up to dislodge them is low.

Other big boys in the league will now battle it four the top four positions. The first four positions guarantee participation in the EUFA Champions League next season. Already Chelsea and Tottenham are sure of clinching two positions. On the other hand, four teams are vying for the other two slots. Chelsea was transformed by the arrival of Antonio Conte after resigning for handling the Italian National Team. He came with new systems and formations besides instilling necessary unity in the dressing. Discipline at Chelsea deteriorated faster under the leadership of Mourinho. The defeat to Arsenal changed the fortunes at Stamford Bridge.

The rate of scoring goals, the pace at which they play their football and the number of points accumulated describes the performance of Tottenham this season. They have accumulated enough points to keep the second and Champions league football next season. The bigs football boys in England battling for the two slots are Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal. No one has more advantages to get any other slots. Everton will finish seventh irrespective of what happens at the end.

Comparatively, the route for Liverpool to navigate is easy. The remaining three games are easier for Liverpool. On the flipside, the other three contenders have games in hand. Wins in the remaining games will assure Manchester City a third place. Wins will sort them out.

Manchester United has the biggest hurdle to skip. It is at crossroads. They are in the Europa League final. Winning the trophy assures them of automatic qualification into the Champions League next season. The priority and main focus for Manchester United is Champions League football. The shortest route to the competition is winning the Europa League. Chances are they use this option.

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are their own enemies. Wenger has been there and understands the tricks of EPL. It is difficult to understand why newcomers such as Conte come and dominate him. For the first time, Mourinho lost to Wenger. Failure to finish in the top four will tent the good record enjoyed by Wenger for qualifying for Champions League Football since arriving at Highbury in 1996. The challenge is great for finishing in EPL top four.