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Before you could able to use an internal mail tracking system, it’s important to know the procedures of the process. You cannot be able to gain the benefits unless you learned the process, thus it is important to know them. The process of internal mail tracking will be the same regardless of the system that you get. However, there will be small differences in the process depending on the software that you have and the features that it offers.

The start of the internal mail tracking process starts when you receive the post. The mail needs to be organized by the person upon receiving it. The organizing of the post at this point will help you later on in the process.

The person in charge of the notes are the ones who are going to receive the notes, then, he will organize it and finally, he can bar code it. Most of the companies would think that those small packages doesn’t need to be bar coded, and only the large ones are required, however, all mail should be bar coded. The tracking software usually provides a machine that will do the bar coding of the mail.
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The items in the post will be printed out by unique bar codes from the machine which is provided with the tracking software. The post room personnel needs to input information about the post into the system as soon as the bar code is printed. The post room personnel will input information which includes who it is addressed to and when it came in to the company.
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Once all of the post has been bar coded it will need to be delivered to the staff members. At this point you will see why you need to organize the post before bar coding. By having the post organized before coding you are able to easily determine the post for each department and have it stacked for easy delivery. There are a number of ways that you can deliver the post to the staff. There are different departments in a company and the company will surely need a help of a mail trolley that will serve as a messenger of the mail to the different departments. However, aside from a mail trolley, there is another option which is called the pigeon hole system where all you have to do is to put the post in a center part of the area and people will just pass there and get the mails by themselves. It is important to track the post that has been removed from the pigeon hole, thus, the pigeon hole system needs a barcode scanner in the central location.

Internal mail tracking is something that all companies should consider.