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Pathway Genomics: Unlocking the DNA to Effectively Battle Depression

At least 350 million people across the globe suffer from some degree of depression, making this the most prominent cause of disability according to a recent report from the World Health Organization. Though an estimated 90 percent of these cases can be mitigated, not all treatments are appropriate for all who face this condition. Pathway Genomics has discovered the key to finding solutions lies not only in the available treatments, but in individual DNA.

What Types of Medications are Used to Treat Depression?

While prescriptions geared toward depression were once in limited supply, they’ve branched out considerably in recent years. Pharmaceutical companies have developed a wide range of medication types for the treatment of this illness with even more specific options falling under each category. Some of the solutions currently available include:

  • Mood Stabilizers: Typically used for bipolar disorders, mood stabilizers help level out the often severe emotional shifts often associated with this condition.
  • Antipsychotics: Some depressive situations stem from impaired mental function. Antipsychotics affect the brain’s neurotransmitters to help combat this issue.
  • SSRIs: With certain cases of depression being caused by serotonin deficiency, SSRIs are used to increase the body’s natural levels of this hormone.
  • SNRIs: Like SSRIs, SNRIs ramp up serotonin levels while also targeting norepinephrine-producing cells.

These are only a few of the medications now being used to thwart depression. Many others combat the illness in different ways. Though each is effective when paired with the type of depression it’s meant to treat, they can cause negative side-effects for some people.

Which One is Right for Me?

If you’re suffering from depression, finding the right medication, or combination of them, depends on a number of factors. No two human bodies process medications in the same way, and this is the reason a certain type of antidepressant might work for one person but not for another. Just how the body metabolizes these drugs also determines which of the side-effects a specific person will experience.

Pathway Genomics aids in the search for the right cure for each individual. The company does so by unlocking a person’s unique DNA to learn how his or her body will respond to a certain type of medication from both positive and negative angles. Once this secret has been unearthed, the path to an effective treatment becomes shorter and less precarious.…

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Know Which Medicines Will Best Help You with Genetic Testing

Until just recently, whenever there was a powerful break out connected with a particular sickness amid a people, it was managed (in the event it was in fact regulated, which tends not to be generally) with isolation and later with volume protective attempts, such as innoculations, antibiotics, along with other approaches in which believe the best way to utilize inside such predicaments is to treat everyone practical. The challenge with such a wide approach is that we all now realize we now have significant segments of men and women that reply just to specific types of efforts. Each individual won’t usually react for you to treatment in the same fashion as his next door neighbor or even pal.

In reality, few people ever before do act in response just the same to some medication or therapy because people genuinely are unique. Each person has composed in his / her dna code his / her propensity to generally be at risk of certain ailments and disorders along with his likelihood of responding well to a single form of treatment above one more. There is definitely not any need for somebody to wait for the entire overall medical community to climb onboard any time for only a few hundred us dollars, he can get a report tailored from a laboratory similar to Pathway Genomics derived from their own DNA, helping him to know his body and mind’s particular ability to interact to every single variety of available prescription medication.…

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Tongkat Ali Eurycomanone Extracts Affect Testosterone Levels

Men all over the world are using Tongkat Ali extracts in an attempt to increase their testosterone levels. The safety and effectiveness depend on getting the perfect level of Tongkat Ali Eurycomanone in this extract. Purchasing the extract capsules from a reliable dealer is very important. This extract in capsule form is taken to treat low testosterone in men. It is also taken by bodybuilders to help with building muscles. The person’s beginning testosterone level and the way they respond to this extract will determine The results.

What Is Low testosterone?

Low testosterone is clinically called Hypoandrogenism. After turning 30, most men experience a slow decrease in testosterone levels. This is not a problem unless levels drop below 250 ng/dl. Though many men accept this as a natural part of aging, others want to keep their bodies functioning at a higher level. Some symptoms can include erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive, depression, or fatigue. Men suffering these symptoms are wise to seek medical advice.

Thousands of men have heard about the advantages of Tongkat Ale extracts. This product does not replace testosterone, it encourages the body’s own testosterone production.

Just What Is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a natural plant that grows in southeastern Asia. The local name for it is Eurycoma longifolia or Pasak Bumi. The plant is harvested for its roots. The roots are ground up into a fine powder that is water soluble and then put in the capsule form. The natives where it grows make it into a paste and boil it in water. The brew is then drunk as a traditional medicine and for its aphrodisiac properties.

Now, the Tongkat Ali with its important ingredient Eurycomanone is harvested by excavating which is a more expensive process than just clipping the plants. Then the root is extracted using a modern control method that yields a safe, fine water-soluble powder that is put into capsule form. The level of Eurycomanone is carefully regulated by using HPLC mass spectrometry equipment. This makes a product that is both safe and effective.

This product can be used three ways. It depends on how often and how much of the Tongkat Ali extract is used. It can raise testosterone levels, it can maintain the level of testosterone, or it can be used to lower the levels. The individual using the product decides what is needed. For additional information, go to the website.…

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