Benefits sit up for body health

Benefits sit up. Sit up is a very famous sport among women, although men also often do this exercise. Movement sit ups will basically strengthen the muscles in the abdomen. But sit ups are more pressing to the back muscles. Many people who do not want to do sit ups because often feel pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen and back.

But this pain and discomfort, is actually caused by a system of abdominal muscles on the bottom that experienced rapid movement when the sip up. If this happens, it means that the sit ups are not performing properly or there is a position error. Doing sit ups regularly will be very beneficial for the body. Here are some benefits sit up for health:

  1. Maintaining stability of body movement

Doing sit ups regularly will make the muscle system in the abdomen become more powerful as it can from the benefits of skot jump. In addition, the proper sit up movement will create a balance on the abdomen, shoulders, arms, hips and back. If sit ups are done without the aid of equipment, then the abdominal muscles will be trained more strongly to lift the body weight.

  1. Maintain body balance

Does it often experience a fall? Everyone must have fallen, but falling often when mature means there is a problem with the balance of the body. This problem can be overcome by doing sit ups regularly. The benefits of sit ups will make the muscle movement in the hip become stronger. The benefits of exercise sit ups will also make the muscles in the legs, abdomen and arms become more stable so as to make the body more fit and balanced.

  1. Maintain body health

Suffering from a mild illness or serious illness becomes a very difficult thing in life. Basically maintaining health does not have to be done in an expensive way. Simply consume healthy foods and in accordance with nutritional needs such as the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Also note to continue to do mild exercise such as sit ups.

Sit ups will help the blood circulation in the abdominal area and hips. These two body parts will maintain various systems that are essential for health such as digestion and body immunity.

  1. Maintain metabolic system

The metabolic system in the body is needed to treat various types of foreign substances that enter the body including food. The metabolic system involves different types of hormones including growth hormone. If the metabolic system does not run smoothly then there are the remnants of metabolism that gather in some organs. As a very easy solution is to do sit ups.

Sit ups build all the muscles in the abdomen. When all abdominal muscles work actively then the supply of oxygen to the blood vessels will be fulfilled. This makes the blood can help the metabolic system in the body.

  1. Maintain digestion

Every day people need to eat as a source of energy. Foods that enter the body will be processed by the digestive organs such as esophagus and intestines. The most problematic part of the digestion is the gut. All food residues that gather in the intestine can cause inflammation or cancer. This often happens because of the lack of fiber in the benefits of vegetables.

But in addition to fiber intake, another way to prevent all these diseases can then do sit ups regularly. Sit ups will move all the muscles in the stomach. Abdominal muscles will encourage the intestine to do its work in processing all incoming foods. So, routine sit ups will make the intestine work smooth and you can avoid the disease.

  1. Maintain posture

Having perfect posture is everyone’s desire, but having a posture that looks attractive and perfect does not have to be done in an expensive way. We can do regular sit up exercises for 10 to 20 times after waking up. Sit ups will build all the muscles of the body work well so that the body becomes more stable, balanced and can get good posture.

  1. Maintain muscle health

Although in general the benefits of sit ups only work to improve the work system of the abdominal muscles, but actually sit up is also important to maintain muscle health of the body. Healthy muscle mass will make body condition become more fit. Doing sit ups regularly will make the body muscles trained to perform the movement. Movement pulling the body and putting back in sit ups is very useful to train muscle strength body. As a result the muscle mass of the body will develop and can make the body more healthy.

     7. Smooth circulation

The circulation of blood in the body becomes one of the core processes of life. Blood becomes the medium to supply the availability of oxygen throughout the body. One way for blood to work optimally is the amount of oxygen content that must be available in a certain amount. If humans are deprived of oxygen in the blood then the metabolic system will not last well.

This will lead to various diseases such as heart attacks, kidney failure and other diseases. Doing sit ups regularly will make working muscles work optimally so that blood circulation in the body is also running well.

  1. Helps relieve lower back pain

Does it ever feel pain in the lower back? This pain is more commonly referred to as lumbago. Basically this pain can arise because there is an incorrect muscle working system. Muscle system can be too stiff so it will feel pain if the body perform various activities. To solve this problem then it can try to sit up for 5 to 10 times a day. Do it in the morning or evening.

In the first exercise may lower back will be painful, but if it is used then the body will feel comfortable. Optimize by consuming the benefits of water to prevent more severe waist problems.

  1. Helps physical formation

Having a charming physical appearance will be a very important support appearance. Usually men will do fitness to get a visible body shape with strong muscle mass. If you do not have much time then do sit up exercises regularly. Sit ups that are done to pull the abdominal muscles will form the stomach into a “six-pack”. The stomach will look flat as if there is no fat. In addition, sit ups will also make the lower and upper posture becomes more balanced.

  1. Lose fat in the body

Sit ups are usually done only as a light exercise to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, but if doing sit ups regularly then the movement of abdominal muscles will burn fat on the limbs connected. Fat on the abdomen, waist and chest can be overcome by doing sit ups.

Sit ups have been shown to increase muscle and bone strength, improve health systems and immunity, maintain metabolic systems and help the body maintain overall health. By doing sit ups regularly at least 15 minutes a day greetings will make the health of the body becomes more fit. By having a healthy and fit body then you can maintain the body system so that it can have a long life.


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