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Fitness Training Program for Pregnant Mom

Can pregnant women do sports? Let’s see what exactly is meant by sports. Walking is the most appropriate sport for pregnant women. However, it should be accompanied by several modifications to support the program during pregnancy. Exercise is a very beneficial activity for pregnant women and babies in their bones. Women who before the pregnancy have regular exercise will be able to continue its activities with little modification in accordance with the conditions of pregnant women. For women who are just starting fitness training program after a pregnancy, should get approval from the doctor first. Do not ignore this, because exercise and the intensity that you do can affect your pregnancy.


Some things to be prepared when doing sports:

  • Yourself
  • A bottle of water
  • Hats and sunscreen when done outdoors

Weight training is very important to build strength to bring an increasingly large baby in your stomach and to support increasingly larger breasts. You can do some things below that can train some parts of your body for two times a week.

Some Exercise for Pregnant Mom

Exercises for the chest and arms

Repeat this movement as many as 1-3 sets consisting of 8-12 movements

  • Take a sitting position on a park bench or bench that you have. Then place your feet on the floor as far as 50-100 cm in front of you. Put your hands on the curve with your hands facing the bench, then lift your body so that your arm is completely upright.
  • Bend your arms to lower your body.
  • Repeat the above process.

Stretching for the arms

  • Repeat this movement as many as 1-3 sets consisting of 8-12 movements
  • Take a standing position
  • Lift your arms slowly forward to your body with the help of one hand.
  • Hold up to 15-20 seconds and repeat for the other arm.

Stretching for the chest area

Repeat this movement as many as 1-3 sets consisting of 8-12 movements

  • Paste your body facing the door with the left and right arm and elbow stuck to the right and left the side of the door frame.
  • Press the body forward with your head turned sideways to the door leaf, use the door leaf to stretch your front and arm muscles
  • Hold for 15-20 minutes, reset several times.
  • For the next stretch, place your elbows and hands on the door frame and stretch lightly.
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